Carmel by-the-Sea | Seeking beauty and applauding the sunset

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 We found ourselves in Carmel by way of a winding coastal drive, called further and further south by the road signs promising beauty and breathtaking vistas. The morning began in someone else’s home, states away from our own and within the first two weeks of our move to San Francisco. Knowing we would likely part with our car once we moved into the city, we decided to venture our and seek the scenes boasted of along the central coast. A promise made to Tyler, “You will absolutely love Monterrey Bay,” was quickly fulfilled, inspiring him to drive further for glimpses of turquoise waters on rocky cliffs.

As we wound through the 17-mile Drive, we constantly urged one another “Look!” Momentary stops along the road and futile attempts to capture the views on camera assured us this was a place and time we wanted to behold. In our memories. In our hearts. In any tangible form. The winding drive spilled us out to the beaches of Carmel by-the-Sea. the cove was bordered by mossy cliffs and succulent groves and cushioned by powdery sand. It was the most beautiful stop of our scenic day, so we decided to linger.

We stood captivated by the view a few moments before giving in to our inner urges to run, jump and giggle along the seemingly sacred shoreline. We we led along the water by our golden retriever, Buster, as he bounded off-leash in and out of the surf for the very first time.

Eventually, we dusted off our feet and slipped back into our shoes to wander into a town promising magic. After ducking into sailing themed shops and peeking over the fences of arts and crafts style B&Bs, we were drawn back down the hill to the beach. As we walked we noticed others pouring from doorways and joining us in the direction of the water. The asphalt transitioned into sand and I suddenly noticed throngs of people lounging on the sand, dressed for dinner but with nowhere else to go.

We stood quietly in the company of strangers watching the orange sun sink into the pacific. I noticed I was not willing it to hurry as I do with so many processes in life. I preferred to watch it, observe it, with not pressure or expectations beyond its natural course.

the sky held the deep pinks and purples even after the sun disappeared and the reverent crowd actually began to applaud. The sun sets daily, marking a day’s journey for everyone, and often it does so without ceremony. Frequently it sets without so much as a pause or a moment of celebration for all we’ve accomplished while it was lighting the day. It sets and allows us to start over. To pick up where we left off. To embrace adventure. To love those entrusted to us. To watch the sun set again.

We stood there missing our friends and family in Colorado not knowing where we would call home in the coming weeks. In the moment we reveled in knowing we’d come to California for many known reasons, but more so for the unknown promises that accompany following the path of light. We applauded the journey of the sun that day and rejoiced in our own day’s journey. We are fortunate to take each day at a time.


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