Harness your creativity

I came across this great TED talk by David Kelley of IDEO on building creative confidence. This particular talk struck a chord with me, because I have recently been waffling on whether or not I am still ‘creative.’ Or at least as creative as I once believed. I’ve always staked a lot of my identity in creativity, because that is after all where we are able to derive what is unique in ourselves.

However, life came at me with bouts of writers’ block, rejection emails and desired talents that seem to resist being mastered no matter how hard I try. This talk didn’t necessarily click on a light bulb so much as it reminded me to shift the prism for a new look at an established idea.

Creativity is a practice.

We practice yoga, doctors practice medicine, we practice our beliefs and we practice in relationships. If all of these other dynamic seats of humanity require practice, then of course creativity does as well.


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