Local scouting: Seward Street Slides

Introducing the first local scouting post; stay tuned for more must-see finds around San Francisco. 

I look like a kid here because I feel like one.

Ladies and gentlemen, tie your shoelaces using the bunny-ear method, roll up your jorts and walk over to the Seward St. Slides on the corner of Seward and Douglass. Bring a cardboard box (there were some castaways there when we went to the park) and be ready to “squeeeeee” like little toddlers.

These slides are an amazing little secret in the Castro. So well-kept, in fact, a woman walked her dog past us, turned back and watched us hustle up the hill with some cardboard and slide back down a few times before exclaiming “I’ve lived on this block for 30 years and never knew these were here!”

The Seward Street Mini Park is exactly where you should take your next guest to the city, or start off a first date – just make sure no one is wearing a mini. The park consists entirely of two concrete slides in a skinny, steep lot. This little ode to childhood formed in the late sixties as neighbors staged a sit-in protest to fight a 105-unit apartment building development. You can read more about the beginning of the park here.

Local Scouting: Seward Street Slides from Julia Waneka on Vimeo.

The slides are steep, fast and fun enough for adults to enjoy, but also safe enough for kids. In the video you hear Tyler say “I’m a little nervous…” as he looks down the hill (and someone with as many concussions as he’s had should be nervous when, say, walking without a helmet) until a 4 year-old walked up behind him and asked him to kindly scoot out of his way. Instant courage.

Get out and slide and post links to your videos and photos in the comments.


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