LISTEN: Loud Harp

Loud Harp releases their self-titled debut album tomorrow, June 26. 2012 at [UPDATE] This link takes you directly to the download.

I’m so fortunate to know each of these stellar musicians and humans – they are some of the most authentic and compassionate people I know. They are also some of the most talented. After a few years of getting to enjoy their incredible music at church and varied shows (and the sheer awesomeness of having Asher play at our wedding!), I’m so looking forward to getting to play song after song on repeat and just soak up the goodness they’ve poured into this album.

To get you through the daylong wait, check out this video of a stripped down version of their song “Your Love Never Runs Out” (via Ray Rushing – another amazing artist and friend) and don’t forget to download the album tomorrow.

Whether you consider yourself Christian or spiritual, you should check out the album for some soothing melodies and really honest songwriting. They were in a meditative place while working on this album and in listening to a few of the tracks I have found it’s provided me a space to really sit back and contemplate how I can live from a grateful and compassionate place.


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