Local scout: FOUR free or cheap things to do in the city this weekend

It’s Friday, which means glorious 75 and sunny days lie ahead for San Franciscans. However, it’s the first week of the month. If you live in the city, that means you paid your rent begrudgingly and desperately fighting the urge to determine how much you are paying per square foot. Now you are really trying hard not to think about it, eh? Resistance is futile.

With sunshine in the forecast, this weekend can be good for the soul and light on the wallet. Here are my four free or super cheap recommendations to explore this weekend. Did I miss any? Comment below.

  1. The Labyrinth on the Land’s End Trail. [FREE] The Land’s End Trail is a favorite for its stunning views and the way it allows an escape from urban life within the city. Visit the labyrinth both for the views and for a moment of contemplation.
  2. Soak some sun from the city’s best public rooftop.  [FREE] Take in the city views from One Kearny at Market. Bring someone cute, as rumor has it, this place is pretty tres romantique.
  3. Golden Gate Bridge Outdoor Film Night: “Superman” (1978). [FREE] Pack a picnic and a blanket and head over to the Main Lawn in the Presidio to watch Superman save the world under the stars. Be ready for the fog, because sunny days make no guarantees for the evenings.
  4. Visit the new SOMA Streatfood Park for cheap bite to eat. [FREE + cost of a Korean taco or Sigg] The grand opening was on Wednesday so be sure to come back often. They have a beer garden in the works.

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