Review: bkr® water bottles

A lovely little bottle.

A few weeks back, I mentioned my desire to road test some water bottles side-by-side in an effort to find the best fit. To me, the best water bottle is one I can believe is poison-free. I am not interested in sipping on a watery BPA cocktail. It needs to be large enough that I am not constantly refilling it throughout the day, but small enough to fit in my purse. Finally, it needs to be cool enough I don’t feel like I’m lugging around camping gear but durable enough I can drop it, because let’s face it, I’m going to drop it.

I began my search with a local company, bkr®, and fell in love nearly instantly. This effectively counted out all other bottles because I didn’t want to stop using my bkr to test them out. Instant champion.

I’ve been carrying my bkr, (“beaker”) in the dusky purple ‘Space’ color for about four weeks now, and I’m just smitten. It’s a must have in my book. I paid for this bad boy, no one asked me to say this and I’m still going to: you need one.

Outer beauty

  • The 16-ounce glass bottle is shaped in what I can only assume is the perfect cylinder for drinking and come to a mouth piece shaped similarly to a glass beer or soda bottle. For a girl who has dribbled water out of some of those wide-mouth models, this is a selling point all its own. Drawback: It’s tough to fit ice cubes in the little guys. If you’re the type who needs ice in your water (I ain’t mad atcha) you may need to invest in some of the fancy water bottle specific ice cube trays. I mean, we’re all just looking for a reason to have fancy ice, am I right?
  • Moving past the gorgeous glass, the silicone sleeve covers much of the bottle to protect it from major fumbles and a terrifying scene of broken glass. Is it possible it will break? Absolutely. But your phone is similarly made of glass, and when you have that little silicone protector on, it fares relatively well. Think of the silicone sleeve as the Otterbox for your bottle.  Also, if you break it within the first 90-days, they’ll replace your bottle. That’s three-full months to get your glass-carrying act together. To clean, the bottle and the sleeve are both dishwasher-safe but I don’t want to talk about it since I’m the dishwasher at my house.
  • The bottle has a great little carrying loop on the cap, making it easy to tote by hand, though slips perfectly into a little commuter bag. It’s just heavy enough I notice when I don’t have it in my bag- which has saved me from leaving it behind a few places. If only I could low-jack this thing.

Inner beauty

  • Again, since the bottle is made of glass it doesn’t leach any of the chemicals you wouldn’t marinate your food in to your water. The glass also allows you to switch up the contents of the bottle from juice to seltzer to tonic all-by-itself and not any gin (wink) back to water again, without any residual aftertaste. This bottle just wants to love you. Will you let it?
  • Carrying the bkr, bottle in place of buying disposable plastic bottles or imported water means you are no longer contributing to the plastic islands floating in the oceans. Those things are there and will be there long after we’re dead for future generations to mock  and blame us for their existence. We can’t change those facts. However, we can stop contributing to their centuries-long lease on the ocean.

    bkr tagline: All clean everything.
  • Finally, I like drinking water out of my bkr. I make a goal to fill it up and drink it down four times a day and get in the recommended 2 liters of water a day. My skin, tummy and energy levels are loving it. Turns out, you should drink more water.

Has my bkr made be a better person? Not really. But it’s made me a more hydrated, less wasteful person and I say that’s a start.

You can buy one for $28 USD here: If you want to humph at the price, just think about how many bottles of water you have bought in the past two months and realize this health- and earth-friendly bottle will quickly pay for itself. If that doesn’t hook you, a portion of bkr proceeds are invested in initiatives fighting the global water crisis, equipping tomorrow’s leaders and aiding in the fight against cancer. Mega wins all around.

To recap: 1. Function, 2. Form, 3. Fabulous. I love this thing.

Visit the site here for more information:

I did not receive compensation for this post. I purchased my bkr with a discount code in the online store.


One Reply to “Review: bkr® water bottles”

  1. Thanks for the review! Question, would a bottle brush fit through the mouthpiece for cleaning the inside (if you do t have a dishwasher)? I get paranoid about not being able to scrub out my water bottles.
    Thanks again!

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