REVIEW: Honeycomb Tombs by Karla Adolphe [Available for free digital download May 15]

At the beginning of the month, I had the opportunity to listen to and review “Honeycomb Tombs” by Karla Adolphe. Karla is one of my favorite musicians because she has such a depth in her songwriting and her creamy vocals make treacherous topics approachable. The soothing tone of her voice seems to say “It’s ok to think on the difficult things of life, we are here to do just that.” Which is where I’d like to begin in describing “Honeycomb Tombs.”

Inspired by the loss of a dear friend’s daughter, Karla created “Honeycomb Tombs” as a companion album for people in grief. Embracing the heights and depth of such a transition is no easy task. The artist created this narrative through personal stories, poetry, and memories from her audiences. As someone not currently processing a loss, the album administered a dose of healing, a dose of acceptance for the times I have. Karla Adolphe was exactly the person to create this album.

It’s a very honest and emotional album paced out and created for those truly wrestling with loss. In listening through the first time, I realized I need to take more time to soak in the songs. Each song seemed sacredly steeped in a true experience. I cannot point out what element of the music was able to touch the very tender parts of my heart that hold the memories of loss in my life, but I was surprised by the memories some of the songs evoked from my life. Specifically, the track “Invisible Lines,” written in response to “A Grief Observed” by C.S. Lewis,  captured my lack of words for hurts decades old, and allowed my thoughts to drift back to the places. The heaviness of the song is delicately lifted by the melodic “You are like the shoreline, constant and fading at the same time.”

The music on the album reminded me of the soft tracks from Feist’s “The Reminder” and ushered in the same authentic sentiment as the best-selling 2007 album. Fans of Cat Power, Katherine Feeney, Feist and Imogen Heap will gravitate to this album as well as to Karla’s powerful voice and songwriting.

Beginning tomorrow, May 15, 2012, Karla Adolphe is making the digital download of  “Honeycomb Tombs” is available at or It is free thanks to the listener-funding provided through an IndieGoGo campaign.

For more information about Karla Adolphe, visit or Facebook page at


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