Opportunity: Vote for Detroit

Hi again,

This is a week of fierce friends looking to give back to communities in need. Detroit, Mich. has been hit hard with economic woes for years and the rest of the country is realizing that we need motor city to thrive again, and we need this for more than just the creation of Chryslers. Challenge Detroit is a movement asking the following questions:

“Can retaining and attracting 30 of the best and brightest INNOVATIVE THINKERS make a difference? DETROIT is betting on it. Tomorrow’s leaders have INTELLIGENCE, PASSION, and COMMITMENT. Combine this with a community-wide effort of highly connected, motivated, creative, innovative thinkers, and the formula will be EXPLOSIVE!”

This community-based initiative is bringing in creative people to the city to revitalize and develop opportunity in a  city most recently known for its food deserts and crime rates. We can’t forget this is a place a lot of people call home; they deserve a safe community and access opportunity.

“My baseline is that every person is valuable & of equal worth. Injustice happens when one person or group believes they are better than another. I make it my business to advocate for love, equality & reconciliation & to stand firmly against discrimination & injustice. Positive and lasting change requires uniting together, thinking creatively, & acting courageously. I plan to do that by joining Detroit’s countless unsung heroes who are fighting for and believing in their great city everyday. ” – Shauna Rushing

My dear friend, also from Boulder, and her family are moving to Detroit with a passion to help bring the city back to its roots of innovation and see what kind of community is possible to build there. Urban areas have been seeing this reemergence of culture, support and regeneration of life. There are a few cities nationwide that are seemingly facing uphill climbs that come to mind when you mention rough towns; Detroit has been on that list far too long.

Show your support by voting for Shauna’s video on the Challenge Detroit Facebook page and keep your pulse on the movement of creativity coming to Michigan. I think we’re all going to be inspired, no matter our locale.

Vote for Shauna here: https://www.facebook.com/challengedetroit?v=app_204169126292521&app_data=cid_19903.


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