Personage Pursuit: water bottle

You don’t drink enough water.

It is a strange but true thing. I know how much water I need in a day to stay healthy and I am aware of all of the amazing benefits of getting enough water, however, I really struggle to get in that 2+ liters each day. I have gone through periods of time where I killed it and I got all the water I needed and a little more and I really do think I felt better then. At a minimum, drinking enough water gave me super-human strength and my skin glowed with the light of a thousand CFLs. The key to these hydrated days was having bottled water on hand. Either bottled water or a water bottle, that is.

With the prevailing issue of global warming and the scary Texas-sized plastic islands floating in the oceans, bottled water, in my opinion, needs to scoot on out of American daily life. I don’t know the importance of bottled water for areas afflicted with water issues, and so I don’t want to paint with a broad stroke saying we should eliminate the whole concept (unless we should). But when it comes to areas where potable water is readily available, people should be toting a reusable bottle on the daily.

Ah, but that still does not fully solve the issue at hand. No, not with the scary water bottle headlines of recent (seemingly distant) years. First our Nalgenes were poisoning us and we tossed out all of our brightly colored bottles, shedding a few tears over parting with our rad stickers. We then subbed in a Sigg and got used to a tinny flavor and untwisting the cap to drink , until lo and behold, Matt Lauer let us know those dang things came with the dreaded BPA as well. I got tired of shelling out $20 dollars for the new it thing only to be told months later that it was not in fact “it” after all and now I needed to buy this new “it.” I said forget it and stopped drinking water. You could recycle beer bottles, and I liked drinking my coffee in a mug. Green’d.

Now, however, I’d like to meet my water quota again. I’m 25 and apparently this is the magic age where you have to start preventing signs of aging or else you will forever say “I wish I would have started _____ back when I was 25.” I’m not really into anti-wrinkle creams at the moment, so water seemed like a decent place to start. And if my memory serves, that means I am in need of a killer water bottle. But I’m still a little wary on which one to buy.

Since The Personage is all about doing the next thing, I think it’s fitting to find the next thing as well. I am going to begin The Personage Pursuit of the best water bottle. I would like to put the best water bottle to the test for a few weeks, using one for a full week at a time to evaluate its unique qualities and drawbacks. I’ll track my use with Instagram, Twitter and post a review at the end of each week for each water bottle. Then, I’ll compare each against a rubric of essential qualities in water bottle to decide which is the best fit for me. After the 5 weeks are up, I’ll crown the winning bottle.

The requirements:

  • Poison-free. Basically, don’t leach any chemicals into my water unless you want a punchkiss.
  • Totable. I want to take this around with me all day without feeling like I’m hauling around a hunchback.
  • Durable. I’ve never been mistaken as graceful. I fall down the stairs too often to notice so I can’t have a flimsy flask, I mean, water bottle.
  • Stylie. I really can’t sacrifice any cool points as I am on a limited supply of these already. It needs to look decently cool or at least not require stickers to cover its hideousness, like my neon pink and green-capped Nalgene from 2002.

I’m off to research some worthy candidates, but if you have any ideas or a water bottle you love, recommend them in the comments below. Bottoms up!


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